About Me

Hello there!
Thanks for visiting my portfolio site. Here's a little bit about me and some of the work that's on this site. I started my career doing packaging and branding in the beauty industry for Alterna Haircare in Los Angeles. It was my first experience at a start-up company. I learned about the whole print process from design all the way to press checks. Our internal team did everything: branding, bottle design, packaging, marketing campaigns and directing photo shoots. Then I moved into the music and entertainment industry and joined an indie recording company Welk Music Group. Yes, my former boss, Kevin, is Laurence Welk's grandson and yes, I still love Laurence Welk's bubble music too. Vanguard Records and Sugar Hill Records were our main recording labels. I got to work with some amazing artists and musicians creating CD packaging, publicity, marketing and album launches. We all worked long days but loved every minute of it. Small budgets required us all to think more creatively about how to promote and market our artists and get things done. Working full time in the music biz was a great ride! In 2006, I moved from Los Angeles to Austin and into the technology industry. Freelanced with some advertising agencies in Austin and landed a full time gig with Enfatico. We were a WPP-Y&R start-up advertising agency created for Dell. I learned about traditional agency advertising, process and management. In 2009, I got married and changed my name from Smalley to Pickens and continued freelancing. In 2011, we started a family which changed my life. We have a little boy named Charlie who means the world to me. Currently, I'm doing campaign work, interactive design, visual design and user experience. Continuously learning to make some awesome every day.