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This is part of the transformation of the Services & Solutions site on In addition to moving from an adaptive to a responsive platform, we took the opportunity to give it a fresh look and feel. Our goal was to create a visual design language informed by research from our IT customers that works across all devices. Through research and testing, we found our that out IT users consume incredible amounts of content and information. Our concept was to create easily scannable, visually snack-able content that appeals to our IT customers and leads them to a meal of content and resources to devour. Ummm... So yummy!
My Role
As the visual designer for this project, some of the design decisions I made for these pages included image, illustration and icon choices that contributed to the overall design language for the Solutions & Services site. The visual design language had to be able to represent complex content and ideas in a simplified way. It needed to visually speak to IT customers in a way that they preferred and fit within Dell brand style. It also needed to be cohesive across the site so that users would continue to see the same or similar images that represented similar ideas as they continued on their journey through the site. The visual hierarchy of the site pages are very similar to each other throughout the site so that users could find the information and resources they wanted quickly.
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Mobile view
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